Medieval and Tudor Music
Medieval and Tudor Music
Playing In Time
Playing In Time 

School Workshops and Adult Group Talks


For schools, I can provide workshops and demonstrations that are interactive, informative and with a strong curriculum focus. The sessions can be adapted to suit the needs and learning objectives of the group.

Common subjects include, period music and dance workshops and demonstrations of instruments through the ages. These sessions would appeal especially to Key Stages 2 and 3. Bespoke sessions can be provided for Key Stage 4 on request. Sessions can also be provided to cater for young persons activity groups such as Scouts, Guides or museum history clubs.

Outside of my main theme of period music and dance, I can also provide additional sessions such as quill pen writing, medieval weapons and armour and lifestyle themes (such as cooking and clothing).

I can also provide workshops for school music groups who may wish to explore the repertoire from the past, these can be done for guitar and ukulele groups or for more varied traditional ensembles.


Adult Group Presentations and Talks

I can provide lectures/presentations for adult groups such as local history societies, U3A, museums etc. a standard presentation will involve a mixture of a talk and a demonstration of a number of period instruments. The main presentation I currently offer explores the music, musicians and instruments of the medieval and renaissance periods and considers how they have either adapted to or influenced music in the modern era.

I can also provide practical music workshops for acoustic guitarists who wish to explore the medieval and Tudor repertoire and to see how this translates onto the modern guitar.

Here are a few examples of how the sessions can work with the national curriculum (from September 2014):

· For Key Stage 2 an Elizabethan Music/Life In The Past presentation serves the study objective to explore an aspect or theme beyond 1066. The music can also work as a means to explore the beginnings of theatre in London and the times of Shakespeare.

· For Key Stage 3: A medieval music/lifestyle workshop and/or a medieval weaponry (with optional longbow demonstration) will cover the study objective to learn about the development of society in medieval Britain, 1066-1509. The themes of the Norman invasion, Hundred Years War or the Wars of the Roses (leading to the establishment of the Tudor dynasty) can be used to provide the historical context.

· English curriculum criteria can be covered by using the lyrics of medieval and Tudor poetry and song for Key Stages 3 and 4. The music and instruments can also be used as inspiration for creative writing or for a play/performance.

· For music, the new curriculum includes a focus on understanding the development of music through history. This can be adapted to suit everyone. Music groups can have a practical workshop where they can learn to play period melodies and develop their understanding of performance techniques. Non-musicians can take part in an interactive music and period dance session.

· Science criteria can be covered by looking at a range of unusual replica instruments to understand how they work and to explore themes such as pitch, tone and frequency.
If you are interested in finding out more or making a booking please feel free to contact me (Jez Smith) via email or phone (07718781600).

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