Medieval and Tudor Music
Medieval and Tudor Music
Playing In Time
Playing In Time 

Playing In Time - Medieval and Tudor Musician

I am an experienced museum/heritage professional specialising in medieval and Tudor music demonstrations and education. I play a wide range of instruments with a focus on the lute, lute guitar, vihuela, hurdy gurdy, symphonie, gittern, cittern and several types of bagpipes.

My musical repertoire and the period clothing that I use ranges from the Norman to the Elizabethan era.


If you are interested in finding out more or making a booking please feel free to contact me (Jez Smith) via email or phone (07718781600).


Historic Interpretation / Demonstration

Music demonstrations can be provided at historic sites. As a qualified heritage professional I am very sensitive to working within the museum environment and heritages sites, ensuring that the music compliments and does not detract from the exhibits. Previous venues include, Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, Mary Rose Trust, Cowdray Heritage Trust. I am based in the Surrey/Sussex area.

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Playing In Time - Medieval and Tudor Musician - Jez Smith